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All images will be provided in DICOM format and will include free viewing software with every scan. Upon first scan a free training session can be booked if wanted. Radiology/Pathology reports or additional guides are available upon request for an additional fee.

  • Implant Planning

  • Impactions
  • Inferior alveolar nerve location
  • Airway studies for sleep apnea
  • Endodontic evaluation
  • Odontogenic lesion visualization
  • Paranasal sinus evaluation; maxillary sinus location
  • Space analysis (because of the 1:1 image data of the CBCT)
  • TMJ structure visualization
  • Trauma evaluation
  • TADs (temporary anchorage devices)
  • 3D virtual models
  • Other CAM/CAD devices
  • Bone structure (dehiscence, fenestration, periodontal defects)
  • Orthodontic eval & planning cephalometrics
  • ENT

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